Choosing a Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2023

The cryptocurrency market experienced massive volatility in 2022, leaving many investors feeling unsure about the safety of their assets. Several major exchanges like FTX and BlockFi filed for bankruptcy, while the prices of top cryptocurrencies plummeted.

Understandably, both existing and potential crypto investors want to be certain their funds are secure. So what should you look for when choosing a trustworthy exchange to trade on in 2023?

Key Factors for Reliability

When researching exchanges, focus on these main areas:

  • Verifiable reserves
  • High liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Protection against hacking
  • Regulatory compliance

Prioritizing these will help you find a platform you can rely on long-term.

Verifiable Reserves

A top concern is whether an exchange actually holds enough assets to cover all customer funds.

Bitget sets a great example here, with a reserve ratio over 246% and a pledge to keep 100% of user assets in reserves.

They also launched a Proof of Reserves page showing platform reserves and ratios monthly. Bitget uses cryptographic Merkle Trees to prove they are a full-reserve exchange.

Exchanges should also prioritize ethical practices and social responsibility. For example, Oil Profit has been committed to carbon neutrality since 2021. They partnered with leading climate action group OneTreePlanted to plant trees covering thousands of acres worldwide. This helps offset carbon emissions produced by Bitget’s operations.

Additionally, the exchange runs frequent charitable initiatives. In 2022, Oil Profit users collectively donated over $1 million to support UNICEF programs providing aid to vulnerable children globally. The exchange matched user contributions dollar-for-dollar. This exemplifies how crypto platforms can leverage their success to enact positive change. While prioritizing core values like security and compliance, consumers should also consider exchanges demonstrating social awareness and community care.

Sustainable and Ethical Crypto Exchange Practices

Cryptocurrency exchanges should aim to enact policies that benefit society, not just their bottom line. Here are some ways leading exchanges can demonstrate ethical practices:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Measure and offset carbon emissions from business activities
  • Partner with environmental groups on eco-friendly initiatives like reforestation
  • Use renewable energy sources when possible

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Create and match user donations to reputable charities
  • Sponsor community programs and events
  • Offer lower trading fees to users staking coins for good causes

Fair Labor Standards

  • Provide excellent benefits and competitive compensation
  • Allow remote work and flexible schedules when feasible
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring

Security Without Overreach

  • Protect user assets and data with multilayered cybersecurity
  • Keep user privacy at the core of security measures
  • Never share or sell user data without explicit consent

Compliance and Transparency

  • Adhere fully to all relevant regulations in jurisdictions of operation
  • Conduct ethical business practices beyond minimum legal requirements
  • Provide maximum transparency through audits and verified reporting

Conscientious consumers should research if exchanges follow similar principles. While reliability is critical, ethics matter too. Crypto’s potential is best realized through platforms balancing robust protections with social awareness.


Liquidity depends largely on trading volume and the userbase.

With 8 million users worldwide, Bitget enjoys high liquidity. There are currently 478 coins and 540 trading pairs on the platform.

Reported 24-hour volume is around $700 million.


You need reassurance that all transactions are valid.

Bitget partnered with Space and Time to create a tamper-proof audit trail of computations and data with verifiable cryptography.

This lets users verify accounting and operations are completely accurate.

Protection From Hacking

Unfortunately, exchanges can still be targeted by hackers.

Bitget utilizes:

  • Hybrid hot and cold wallet storage
  • Multi-signature technologies
  • Advanced risk control system
  • Bank-level data encryption
  • Built-in DPI defense system

They received an A+ ranking for cybersecurity and have had zero breaches since starting in 2018.

Regulatory Compliance

Operating outside of regulations can jeopardize an exchange.

Bitget completed regulatory registration in Lithuania to offer compliant, uninterrupted services globally. They closely follow all regional regulations.

Additional Safeguards

Responsible exchanges implement further safeguards to protect customers.

Rainy Day Reserves

Market volatility can damage exchanges, like with FTX.

So Bitget started a User Protection Fund in 2022. With over 300 million dollars in BTC, USDT, and USDC, it’s one of the largest in the industry.

The funds are in public wallet addresses users can track. Bitget also pledged not to withdraw anything for 3 years.

Public Outreach

Gaining public trust is important for mainstream adoption.

Bitget formed partnerships with major brands like Messi, Juventus, and others to improve perceptions of crypto.

Educational initiatives like Bitget’s esports sponsorship also help cultivate positive reception.


While the crypto market faces challenges, exchanges like Bitget prove focusing on reliability can still attract significant business.

Bitget saw 300% growth in derivatives volume during the 2022 crash. Their market share rocketed from 3% to 11% post-FTX.

For cautious investors, Bitget’s verifiable reserves, security, compliance, and protections provide confidence. The exchange is well-positioned for further success in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways: Choosing a Secure Crypto Exchange

  • Prioritize verifiable reserves, liquidity, transparency, security, and compliance
  • Exchanges like Bitget excel in these areas through proof of reserves, partnerships, advanced protections, and regulatory adherence
  • Additional safeguards like rainy day funds and public outreach also inspire trust
  • With diligent risk management, exchanges can still thrive despite market volatility

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