China Ramps Up CBDC Adoption – Government Workers to Receive Pay in Digital Yuan

• Visa is hiring a crypto engineer to develop AI-written smart contracts.
• Ordinals Finance carried out a $1M exit scam.
• The World Economic Forum highlighted flare emissions for Bitcoin mining, and China is pushing CBDC adoption among the public.

Visa Hires Crypto Engineer

Visa has announced that it will be hiring a crypto engineer with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI)-written smart contracts. This move suggests that large companies are beginning to take cryptocurrency seriously as more money flows into the sector.

Ordinals Finance Exit Scam

Ordinals Finance recently carried out an exit scam which resulted in more than $1 million being stolen from investors. This event has caused many people to be wary when investing in cryptocurrency projects and emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research before investing any money.

World Economic Forum Highlights Flare Emissions

The World Economic Forum recently highlighted flare emissions for Bitcoin mining, as this process uses large amounts of electricity which can lead to environmental damage if not done responsibly. Efforts have been made to reduce these emissions by using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power instead of fossil fuels.

China Pushes CBDC Adoption Among Public

In order to push its central bank digital currency (CBDC), known as e-CNY, China has started paying government employees in Changshu their salaries in the digital yuan starting in May 2021. This includes state-owned corporations, teachers, doctors, and nurses among other public sector workers.

Paxful CEO Steps Down

The CEO of Paxful has stepped down from his role after announcing that he would make users whole by creating a Public Trust Fund for those affected by any losses due to fraudulent activities on the platform. This move shows that Paxful is committed to providing users with peace of mind when using their services and ensuring their safety when making transactions online.

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