Top Bitcoin News of the Week: Blockchain Banking, Gold and Growing Interest

Bitcoin: A week under the sign of cards. Bitwala begins with its blockchain bank, TenX begins with KYC checks. We’ll explain why Bitcoin is better than gold. Top Bitcoin news of the week.

Once again a week moved into the country, in which all kinds of things happened in the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technology. For all of you who spent the last week behind the moon, forgot everything or just want to know what happened in the field of crypto: the BTC-ECHO-Newsflash. The most important at a glance.

Cryptosoft: Blockchain Banking begins

On 12 December, Bitwala gave the go-ahead for its Blockchain Bank. In cooperation with solarisBank, the FinTech cryptosoft company now offers cryptosoft and traditional banking services from a single source – including crypto debit cards.

Breaking: TenX launches credit card
Number two of our article of the week goes to TenX. The crypto company around Dr. Julian Hosp gave the starting signal on the same day as Bitwala – for the start of the Know-Your-Customer checks of their customers. However, the two crypto card companies should (for the time being) not get in each other’s way. TenX initially focuses its card on Singapore and the Asian region. It will take some time before the TenX cards reach us.

5 reasons why Bitcoin for crypto trader is better than gold

Bitcoin: Better than gold? You can already hear Warren Buffett and his friends snorting angrily through their permabar nostrils. But crypto trader don’t really care. Because here are 5 reasons why Bitcoin is better than gold:

Bitcoin falls? Interest is rising – a silver lining on the horizon
Apropos Perma: The crypto market and the flourishing industry around it are probably quite indifferent to the current frosty weather on the Bitcoin market. Blockchain developers are in demand like never before, the Google search volume for Bitcoin & Co. is constantly increasing. In short: Interest in Bitcoin is rising – despite falling prices.

Gemini: Exchange opts for Bitcoin ABC (BCH)
The Winklevoss brothers don’t seem to mind the current prices either – especially with regard to Bitcoin Cash. The crypto currency, which should now be called Bitcoin ABC but which somehow remains the old one, is listed on the Gemini stock exchange of twins for the time being. However, they’re not quite sure about „Vision Satoshi“ yet.

The situation on Wednesday: Bitcoin à la carte
Our middle of the week was also dominated by the cards: Bitcoin à la carte was a hot topic last week. Why was that so? Read it yourself.

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